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Welcome to Terryfic.com, home of the myriad projects of Terry Wilson. Fifteen years on the internet and 30+ years in business naturally results in a diversity of activities.

My current focus is on finding new clients for WhosComing.com, maintaining websites, and doing photography.

WhosComing.com is way for organizations holding regular meetings to manage the ongoing registration and prepayment of those meetings. It has been optimized with business groups in mind, and offers benefit for both the host and the attendee. Attendees appreciate being able to see who else is coming forpurposes of networking. Hosts of course appreciate not having to guess at a head count, or personally field every rsvp.

Naturally I maintain my own websites and those I've created for others. But I can also help out people who have lost their webmasters and need to keep continuity.

And finally, I take photographs for use in stock photography, selling them though iStockPhoto. In an ongoing need for models for these types of photos, I am able to barter a photo session for a model release. You get business portrait or some other type of photography, and I get a happy smiling face to put out there for potential art directors to use.

Please contact Terry for more information on any of the above!

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