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I am a retired graphic artist living in Ventura CA, having done work in all aspects of pre-press (including editing), but mostly design, illustration and Photoshop work. Being self-employed, I have other irons in the fire, which still keep me busy even in my supposed retirement. Here is what occupies my time these days.


Around 2018 I returned to ceramics after a 35 year hiatus. This is my creative outlet in my new-found time. I have work in the Ventura Pottery Gallery here in Ventura.

Ventura Pottery Gallery
Ventura Pottery Gallery Online


I've enjoyed photography since high school, and I have been a stock photographer since 2004. My favorite types of stock photography are subjects against white, and semi-abstract background images. My images can be found here:

Getty Images

Double Reed Tool Cases and Jewelry

I am an (inactive) oboe player and have been making tool cases and reed soakers for oboe and bassoon players since 1975. Twenty years later I started making sterling silver reed jewelry. My tool cases are available through the major double reed suppliers, but my jewelry is only available at my Etsy store (I have the tool cases and reed soakers there too).

Web Development

I'm retired from this kind of work, so please don't ask if I can make you a website! But here is some of my work: